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Hope, Newfound Clarity by Pat M. Kuras

Hope, Newfound Clarity by Pat M. Kuras

Hope, Newfound Clarity by Pat M. Kuras

Discovering newfound clarity is a re-birth of the mind and spirit. New England poet Pat M. Kuras uses her love and talent for the written word to renew hers.
Hope Newfound Clarity flashes back to the 1980s offering a peek into the world of an alcoholic’s journey from self-destruction to sobriety. Through literary creative moments that could also be known as poetry, Kuras rediscovers life as a lesbian, learning to become comfortable with her own identity as a recovering alcoholic.
Hope Newfound Clarity’s poetry compilation will take readers on a temperate passage of enlightenment and hope.


Publisher: Zorina Exie Frey

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