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Is There a Diet for Chronic Illness? by Pati Chandler

Is There a Diet for Chronic Illness? by Pati Chandler

Is There a Diet for Chronic Illness? by Pati Chandler

When one hears the word “diet” the first thing that comes to mind is the thought of giving up foods in order to lose weight. The concept in this book has more to do with a “way of eating” for health. Rather than giving up foods, my focus is more on what to eat and why; and by extension, what not to eat and why. The human body was made to heal itself, which it can and does do when it is given the proper nutrition and assistance to do so.

Whole, rich, natural, real foods are healing foods. They come complete, the way they were intended to be—with fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural fatty acids, enzymes and probiotics. These are foods that can help your pain and potentially even heal your body.

~Pati Chandler author of “Fibromyalgia Basics”

“Pati Chandler has once again distilled the essence of a complex subject and made it accessible in simple, digestible terms. The practical advice she presents will allow us all to partake of a palatable, even delicious anti-inflammatory feast.”

~Kusumakar Bhatt, DO

The Mishawaka Clinic

“I would definitely listen to what this woman has to say. It would be hard to find a more knowledgeable or more caring woman in the field. I was always told in school that unless someone believes you care, they won’t listen to you. Pati speaks with deep compassion and understanding. There is a wealth of knowledge in this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about chronic illness.”

~Kevin D. Hancock, DC
University Park Chiropractic

Publisher: Zorina Exie Frey

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