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Book Three Cover

Thecla Trilogy Book Three: Governess by Z. Exie

Thecla continues to face the challenges of leading the Fraternity through the Wastelands. Will completing the mission as third in command reward Thecla with her true heart’s desire? If so, will it be anything like she thought it would be? If she fails, what price might she pay?SAMPLE READ:I stood there in the brisk air, tightly clutching the redwood cloak around my neck, so it didn’t blow away. The wind had picked up significantly, making it feel like a brisk fifty degrees. My skin was riddled with goose bumps, but my blood ran hot as I stood there staring at the man I’d always pretended not to care about, but to hate and resent. As hard as I always tried, that rage and indignation always seemed to be extinguished with reason, understanding, and unconditional forgiveness. I couldn’t stay angry with that man if I tried. And I had. Several times.

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